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About SADA

SADA – South African Domestic appliance Association – is a local trade association that provides a single, consensual voice for the home appliance industry, promoting industry`s mission to advance the lifestyles of South Africans.

Our members manufacture and distribute a wide variety of home appliances:

  • Large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens and stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers,
  • Small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and toothbrushes.

Our economic sector, supplying appliances that are an essential part of life, enable citizens to store and prepare food, feel warm, wash dishes and laundry ensuring good hygiene.

The home appliance industry is certainly an important South African economic player that impacts our daily lives.

SADA members take pride in sustaining a vibrant industry in S. Africa thanks to a strong manufacturing base, local technological know-how and substantial investments in research and development.

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  • For more information about any of our members simply click on the logos below to access their respective websites.
Bosch South Africa
Defy South Africa
ELBA South Africa
Haier South Africa
Liebherr South Africa
Miele South Africa
Siemens South Africa
Smeg South Africa
Total Gas Solution
Whirlpool South Africa
KIC South Africa


Objectives, Mission and Goals

Primary Objective

  • An association that provides a single, consensual voice for the industry of Manufacturers & Distributors of Domestic Appliances in South Africa.

Mission & Goals

  • To represent the industry with a single consensual voice.
  • Co-ordination in technical areas – national standardisation & certification.
  • Building sectoral consensus on environmental protection, sustainable development and promoting ecological awareness of the Association.
  • To address compliance points relating to the disposal and recycling of electrical appliances in accordance with the requirements of the National Waste Act.
  • The promotion of Exports in conjunction with the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

Membership Benefits

  • Association governed by Memorandum of Incorporation.
  • Training provided to members by Competition Commission.
  • All meetings covered by pre-distributed agenda and follow up minutes.
  • Four directors – elected by voting members. In office for one year.
  • Activities of Association and directors limited by approved annual budget. Unless special meetings called and resolution passed.
  • Legal counsel at all meetings.
  • NOT a loose group of Industry players discussing varied vested interest topics.
  • Association NOT FOUNDED to promote the interests or objectives of any single entity.


Memorandum of Incorporation for SADA

The Management, Conduct and general Affairs of the Association are governed by the contents of the Memorandum of Incorporation. It is the guideline for governance and compliant behaviour on the part of board members and paid-up members of the Association. Proposed changes to this document are only possible if a majority of voting members support a resolution to alter it.

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Free trade benefits consumers, worldwide

The home appliance industry is a global one-manufacturers make and sell products-from refrigerators to toasters-across the world. Consumers enjoy choice in brick and mortar or online shops, and that choice is one of the greatest advantages of the technological world we live in. Therefore, 9 home appliance associations, representing an innovative industry on several continents and united by the IRHMA roundtable, are strong believers in the benefits of free trade and hope to de-escalate any existing trade tension.

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Cyber security knows no borders and requires action on all continents

New technologies have become an essential part of our lives and our homes, helping people save precious resources, such as energy, water, and time, while also bringing comfort and joy to our daily lives. Connected products are part of this technological development and they are here to stay. By next year, there will be 50 billion connected devices globally, presenting unlimited possibilities and unprecedented opportunities. With this market potential comes increased responsibilities and challenges for product manufacturers.

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eWaste Recycling Authority

ERA NPC is a registered Non-profit Company which started in October 2014 as a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee to develop an E-Waste Industry Waste Management Plan (IndWMP).

ERA NPC has registered with the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) as a Product Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for Electronic and Electrical Equipment goods on the South African market.

ERA NPC invites all stakeholders to make input into the ERA E-Waste IndWMP and to become a member of ERA E-Waste Recycling Authority NPC.  We encourage you to actively participate in our consultation process, regardless of whether you are legally defined as a “Producer” or not.

SADA – South African Domestic appliances Association is fully aligned with and supports ERA

Please visit our website: where you will find more information on ERA NPC, the ERA E-Waste IndWMP, as well as the schedule and process for engagement.

Ashley du Plooy: 078 533 2286

eWaste Recycling Authority Website

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